“Legendary” is often overused, but it accurately describes Susan Morabito, who has dominated the dance scene for over three decades and remains as relevant, current and celebrated as ever.

Susan got her start at the Pavilion in Fire Island Pines and quickly conquered “the circuit”, playing the GMHC Morning Party, AmfAR’s Dance On Washington, Black & Blue, Cherry, Blue Ball, Gay Days, USS Intrepid for Stonewall 25 and the 20th Dance On The Pier. Sold out after-hours in MIA and NYC, Twilo Tea, her parties for The Saint At Large and being the first woman to headline The Black Party, all made nightlife history. She played Twilo, Roxy, Tunnel, Sound Factory, Limelight, Palladium, Roseland, Cielo, Pacha, Webster Hall, gigs across North America, Europe, Brazil, Japan and Australia and helmed events for Calvin Klein, Gucci and Louis Vuitton, as well as the prestigious Met Gala.

Now simply known as Morabito, dropping her first name signaled change and helped publicize her evolution towards a more progressive, tech house influenced sound. Gigs since include WE Party NYC and SFO, several Masterbeat L.A., Industry SFO, Heretic and Xion ATL, Hustlaball, Winter Party Week MIA, Toronto, Montreal, San Diego and Dallas Pride, IML Chicago, Cherry, Distrkt C, OZ Halloween, BRÜT, Trade, Alegria, Sunrise and Viva NYC, Pavilion and The Pines Party, Independence, Bear, and Carnival Week P-town, Black & Blue 25, and NYC World Pride/Stonewall 50 Pride Island.  

A new generation of fans now rave about Morabito’s command of the room, her extensive music versitility and her ability to create a cohesive and seamless experience on the dance floor. This gift has always earned her the respect and lasting acclaim she receives.